Welcome To Pinkcity Export , We are manufacture , Exporter and wholesaler of Indian Sterling Silver 925 Jewellery, Semi Precious Gem Stones, Beads and Chains.We offer bulk supplies to retailers, Resellers , Jewellery Distributors worldwide at Factory Pricing.
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Natural London Blue Topaz Semi Precious Faceted Stone From Pinkcity Export Jaipur India
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You can ask for your any prefare size , shape, Cutting, Quality. We will try our best to make your demanded size and shapes.We are regular manufacture of
London Blue Topaz. We can make all sizes and shapes on order basis. We had free size stones also. Our Pricing is very low as we import rough directly from mines.

We are Manufacture, Exporter and Wholesaler of
London Blue Topaz from jaipur India. Our Pricing is by gram and by Pcs Basis.  We had many items in stock. You can ask freely about any item. We will provide you every detail about products like size, weight, price, possible retail price, available stones,Shapes, Cutting,Quality  etc. We love to hear from you.

Please make your query and  simply
send us your comment by click on contact button left on screen. We will send you every information regarding product. Or You can ...
Email us product code for place an order.
You Can order any stone a very low
minimum order quantity ( MOQ) . You can order any your recommanded design for manufacturing. You Can ask for Sample order also.

Leading exporter, importer, and manufacturer of precious and semi-precious cut stones, cabs stones, beads and related items. We facilitate you to buy the finest quality of gemstones at the most reasonable prices, choose from a wide range of gems in all shapes and cuts.

Our product is made under strict quality control and excellent workmanship. We believe in large quantity production with quality control to reduce the overall costing of the end product.

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London Blue Topaz Pear shapes are available from 4X3mm to 20X15mm
London Blue Topaz Baguatte
London Blue Topaz Square
London Blue Topaz Heart shapes are available from 3mm to 15mm
London Blue Topaz Octagon shapes are available from 5X3mm to 20X15mm
London Blue Topaz Marquise shapes are available from 4X2mm to 20X10mm
London Blue Topaz Round shapes are available from 1mm to 15mm
London Blue Topaz Trillion shapes are available from 3mm to 15mm
London Blue Topaz Oval shapes are available from 4X3mm to 20X15mm
London Blue Topaz Baguatte shapes are available from 4X2mm to 14X10mm
London Blue Topaz Square shapes are available from 2mm to 15mm