Welcome To Pinkcity Export , We are manufacture , Exporter and wholesaler of Indian Sterling Silver 925 Jewellery, Semi Precious Gem Stones, Beads and Chains.We offer bulk supplies to retailers, Resellers , Jewellery Distributors worldwide at Factory Pricing.
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Sterling silver 925 Beads

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Semi Precious Stones Collection
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Sterling silver 925 Chains Collection
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Hi prakash , I got my order34# today. Rings are perfect size and gems are good. i will send you another email with few bracelet order sooner...
Sophie,  USA
Customer's Feedback
I saw your new website today. I really like beads. last time you send me fine beads in packaging. i want same packaging for beads order. Thanks for good packaging in metal box.
Natalie,  London
Hello Prakash, i received parcel in just 6 days at very low shipping. it was incredible to see finishing of ewels. I received full information with Rings. thanks
Patrick Hawks , Australia
Wow, Cant believe you made them, they're really nice, I'm really impressed! Thanks!
Sophie , USA
hi prakash today i want give u feedback about last order. I was affarid as i am new to make online order. Normally i have to come india every 6 months for select jewelry which i want with pricing. But you done something amazing in it. I given you full description and you did the same. Surprise is packing was also in queue of order. Rings are packet by size by size. Stones are exactly what i want just in prehnite i found some blackdots. Overall It was superb . looking forward for your message.
Rammy Canada
it is good to give you order more than 2000 dollar everytime most of time you refused to get pay for shipping. its incredible thanks pinkcity export.
Stephen, USA
Merci beaucoup pour moi bijoux
Josie , France
I am with pinkcity export from last 3 years and i found every detail when i place order and received them always with smile. Your payment terms are really good.
thanks Pinkcity Export
Marlene, Germany
Everytime when i want to buy silver or stones from jaipur india first website is only jewelleryngems.com You give me detailed jewellery and low moq is your motto.
Rammy, Canada
Semi precious stones lots are excellent. looking for make some new business with you. I am mightbe the first importer who is really great to be have a very good manufacture like you .
JAI HO !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Pinkcity Export
Yosuf, Belgium
Hi,Prakash I received jewellery as per always but your tajmahal gift was really impressive. thanks for this . My Family is like it.
Josie, France
I own a Jewelry store, and this is the third order I have placed. My customers rave about the pendants and rings I have purchased from this site, and I always sell them fast. I will be back again!
You works provide every information. Merci merci,,,
Mellissa, Australia
I was confused when  placed order. and now i do not have doubt to be with you . Thanks for recommanded gems. Chains are really good polished.
Yosuf, Belgium
I got my silver jewelry today. It is very pretty. I was surprised it got here so soon. I am pleased with it. Designer silver jewellery which you provides me is really something DESIGNER !!!!!
Yon kin , Japan
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for special comment for prakash email to gscjewellers@hotmail.com
You are a true businessman in silver jewellery field in jaipur .
Amrita, USA
Good selection of rings and sizes.
Gems jewellery, Ukraine
Your pricing is excellent. Just silver and add labour that's it.
Olivier, France
Rings , Earrings and bracelets have perfect combination that gives me to write something in your feedback. thanks prakash. what about my last order awaiting your reply. I hope this will be ready within 20 days also.
Sophie,  USA